Going Forward (June 2018) all uploads by members who have created and given permission for TEW 2016 mods will have any TEW 2020 mods uploaded without question. As all modmakers have previously given permission, Permission will then be assumed.

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Wrestling Game Fanbase over the years. A special thanks also goes to EWWarehouse and iDOL for his help in bolstering the back catalogue of mods

What is HomeOfProWrestling.com?

The Home of Pro Wrestling is a platform where you can find some of the greatest Indy Wrestling Games ever made. Mods for game series such as Extreme Warfare Revenge to Total Extreme Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Sim, Pro Wrestling Promoter and more, You will also find helpful links to create your own “Mods”, Graphics and more.

Upload Your Own Created Content

If you create any Mods, Graphics, Human Renders, Logos, Belts or Skins for any of the Wrestling Games Present or Past, Share them with the community here